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Behind every successful artist, entertainer or high net-worth entrepreneur is a business organization that needs business management. The business managers of Miller Kaplan Arase help these organizations operate strategically. We offer a variety of business management services to help our clients, including:

Tax and Accounting Services

Tax and accounting services form the financial core of Miller Kaplan’s business management services. Our business managers offer comprehensive management services to help clients manage their personal taxes, business taxes, family home office, bookkeeping and more. Learn More>>

Financial Planning

Our financial planning services help high net-worth individuals manage their monthly payroll and expenses, to overseeing insurance protection and automotive agreements, to managing real estate purchases and investment opportunities. Essentially, Miller Kaplan can help high net worth individuals manage any aspect of their finances. Learn More>>

Lifestyle Planning

Recognized as “Hollywood Power Business Managers” by The Hollywood Reporter and included in Variety’s “Business Managers Elite Report in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015,” we assist high net-worth entertainers, performers and high net worth individuals to lead the lives they desire. We can help manage money and finances, real estate purchases and much more. Learn More>>

Investment Administration

Our business managers oversee the alignment between our high-net worth and entertainment clients’ goals and the performance of their investment portfolios. At Miller Kaplan, our expertise lies in financial planning and business management. We help manage investments for our busy clients who don’t have the time or expertise to manage them themselves. Learn More>>

Family Office

We professionally manage high net worth families and their portfolio of businesses, helping increase and preserve their wealth through generations. Our business managers offer clients complete solutions to manage their investments and finances, so they can rest assured that their wealth and lifestyle will be maintained for years to come. Learn More>>

Contact Miller Kaplan for more information about our business management services for high net worth individuals. Our experienced business managers provide the expertise you need to keep your business and finances in order.

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