We will exceed your expectations with the level of consultation and collaboration we provide.

As accountants, we live for the details – and that’s because we know that details are more than just minutiae; these are the profound intricacies that set you and your business apart. It’s this philosophy that enables us to offer comprehensive services that go far beyond merely submitting your tax returns.

True Story

About 15 years ago, a tech company with $2 million in revenue came to us looking for tax services. Through our initial discussions we learned that this father and son-in-law owned company was a great candidate for Research & Development Credits and Enterprise Credits. As the company grew, we talked about capital funding and infrastructure analyses, and as it received more funding, we added our audit and multi-state tax services to the engagement. This ultimately led to the opportunity to license their proprietary software – and when they did, we were there to address their royalty audit needs, too. Eventually, we advised management through the process of breaking off and selling parts of the company. In its time with us, the company grew from $2 million to more than $200 million in revenue. We also assisted the owners with their individual estate and asset planning.

You can rest easy knowing that we’re always ready to adapt our services as your needs evolve.


Here, there are no barriers between service segments to get in the way of the best engagement for you. You tell us what you want to achieve and we develop a 360-degree approach.

Our professional services include audit, accounting, tax, business management, licensing & royalties, information security management, industry metrics, and consulting services.

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Our client base is comprised of high-net-worth individuals, start-ups, Fortune 500 companies – and everything in between. They come from a diverse cross-section of industries including entertainment, professional services firms, employee benefit plans, labor organizations, and technology, among others.

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