Working at Miller Kaplan

It’s not just a job. It’s an opportunity. It’s a team. It’s your future.

Do you want to work somewhere with the history, prestige, and challenging work projects of a Big-Four accounting firm, but with the mentorship, work/life fit, and sense of community that can typically only be found at a boutique accounting firm? You found it at Miller Kaplan.

At Miller Kaplan, we want you to grow in your career and achieve success, both professionally and personally. There is some overtime work required, particularly during our busy season, but in general, we are not a huge hours/overtime-heavy firm. We try to promote flexibility to allow you to get your work done AND to participate in the things that matter most in your personal life. (Because life is about more than just numbers – even in a CPA firm!)

  • Founded in
  • 27 Partners /
    200 Staff
  • Headquartered in
    Los Angeles
  • 25% of staff stay for
    8+ years
  • 7 partners started as
    Miller Kaplan associates

We understand that employees do their best when we give them our best.

The Basics
The Basics
The Basics

We offer competitive salaries, comprehensive insurance options including medical, dental, vision, disability, and life insurance, a 401(k) plan, and paid holidays, vacation, and sick time.

Additionally, our technology platform allows many of our employees to work remotely.

Training and Development
Training and Development
Training and Development

We want you to continue to grow here, so we offer:

  • In-house training and professional development seminars
  • Reimbursement for continuing professional education classes, and License renewal fees
  • Reimbursement for membership in professional and networking organizations
  • Client Referral bonuses – for new clients
  • Bonus paid upon completion of CPA exam or Certified Fraud Examiner certification
Good Times Miller Kaplan Team Miller Kaplan Team Miller Kaplan
Good times
Good times

At the end of busy season (which is mid-May for us), we blow off some steam with bowling, ball games, and other festivities.

During the summer, we provide family-friendly events and activities (picnics, amusement parks, etc.), and our holiday parties are designed to reward everyone for their hard work all year long.

We have quarterly Meet & Greets (happy hour events) for our new-hires to meet and mingle.

Plus, we have “regularly scheduled fun” throughout the year – and Bagel Friday is always a big hit, too!

All the offices provide meals during busy seasons.

Career Opportunities

You can also visit our careers platform to see all job openings.

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