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labor organization accounting bookkeeping tax exempt ballot counts unionMiller Kaplan Arase LLP has more than 150 labor organizations and 300 labor-management negotiated employee benefit plans within our client base.  Our extensive experience in providing various services to labor organizations makes us one of the leaders in this field.  We offer the resources of one of the largest accounting firms in California, yet with the personal attention generally only provided by local accounting firms.

A Historic Connection to Organized Labor.

In the 1940s, we were engaged by our first labor organization clients and have since endeavored to provide the unique services required by these organizations.  We are a firm committed to the principles of organized labor and select vendors whose employees are covered under union contracts whenever possible.

Accounting, Auditing and Governmental Reporting.

As a full-service CPA firm, Miller Kaplan provides a wide spectrum of accounting and auditing services.  Our professionals transform accounting standards and financial reports into practical information for clients.  Our auditing services include financial statement audits and agency fee/financial core status payer reports.  Services to labor organizations include:

  • Accounting and Auditing
  • Department of Labor Reports
  • Tax Exempt Returns (Federal and State)
  • Agency Fee/Financial Core Status Payer Reports
  • Ability to Pay Engagements
  • Bookkeeping Services
  • Professional Management Services
  • Tax Exempt Status Applications (Federal and State)
  • Union Election Ballot Counts

Generations of Miller Kaplan professionals have worked with the regulations and special requirements under which labor organizations must operate.  We not only attend seminars outside our firm directed towards tax-exempt organizations, but we have also specifically tailored courses for our own staff to train them in providing the unique services labor organizations require.

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