We work with you as a trusted tax advisor to make your business flexible and profitable.

We help privately held businesses, including sole proprietorships, corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, fiduciaries, receivers, bankruptcy trustees and others, by planning for tax compliance consistent with your business goals and needs. We anticipate and meet tax compliance requirements on time, to avoid tax penalties and enforcement actions.

We may work as your only tax compliance advisor or we may collaborate with other advisors and with in-house personnel to deliver the tax planning and compliance that works best for your business.

Our business tax services include:

  • Integrated tax planning and coordination with cash flow and operations priorities
  • Assess, improve, and monitor tax controls, functions, and processes
  • Tax return preparation including federal, state, and local income and other tax returns
    • Sole proprietorships
    • Fiduciaries/Receivers/Trustees operating businesses
    • Pass through entity returns and related tax services
    • Corporation returns and related tax services
  • Book/Tax difference calculations
  • Short period return preparation due to acquisitions or divestitures
  • Partnership returns and related tax services
  • Evaluation of alternative scenarios impacting estimates and the need for appropriate extensions
  • Tax audit representation
  • Tax controversy services

Our varied and deep experience has prepared us to also provide necessary support for special projects such as:

  • Tax Position Alternatives
  • Financial Statement Support
  • Tax Basis Support
  • Remediation and Restatement Support
  • Succession planning
  • Integration of business and personal tax planning and compliance

Our involvement with Partnership entitiesOur involvement with Partnership entities includes work conforming books and records for tax reporting, providing timely K-1 Partnership return production, and providing personal tax compliance and planning and services to partners. Your partners will be satisfied with our ability to deliver K-1s in a timely manner allowing them to address their personal tax lives without drama.

Our experience allows us to advise Partnerships and their partners on the best entity choices, tax timing, and other tax planning decisions.

We are able to address the new challenges faced by Partnerships and their partners with the new tax law changes and the unresolved ambiguities in the application of the new tax laws at the State and Federal levels. Our tax experts are committed to monitoring and understanding the daily changes in pronouncements, legislation, and case law impacting our clients.

We work with these entities regarding:

  • Entity choice consulting and collaboration with firm counsel in vetting partnership and other documents
  • Pension plan audits, compliance, consulting, and document review
  • Partner compensation planning and calculations
  • Information return reporting and withholding compliance
  • Partner and senior employee income tax compliance and planning
  • Consulting on firm acquisition and severance packages
  • Consulting on transactions and litigation for the benefit of a law firm’s clients
Types of partnerships we work with include:
  • Investment Partnerships
  • Professional Partnerships
    • Law Firms
    • Medical Practices
  • Real Estate Development, Investment and Operating Partnerships
  • Restaurants and Food Innovators (Our clients include successful restaurants, food writers, and the inventors of food products in the fast-growing Wellness & Nutrition space.)
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Family Limited Partnerships