Licensing accounting Royalty Audits software hardware company tax prep and consultingBehind each innovation that makes it to market, there are strategic business practices and finance and tax decisions determining a company’s success.  Miller Kaplan Arase LLP advises and serves emerging and established technology clients to create an impact on bottom-line decisions.

Licensing and Royalty Audits

Many technology clients depend upon licensing agreements to monetize their core assets – trademarks, copyrights and other intellectual property.  The hundreds of millions of dollars in annual revenue these agreements generate are crucial, and proper execution of licensing agreements is necessary for a company to receive all it is due.

Miller Kaplan offers strict licensing and royalties compliance audit programs to verify, properly and consistently, a licensee’s full compliance to royalty and fee obligations.  Our experience in royalty audits helps us efficiently obtain and evaluate necessary information while preserving the integrity of the licensee-licensor relationship.

Customs Enforcement and Patent Pools

In addition, our well-established and highly effective customs enforcement administration services further protect the trademark and IP assets of our technology clients from abuse by counterfeiters and fraudulent use.

Increasingly, our tech clients participate in patent pools to mitigate the risks of research and development.  Miller Kaplan’s patent pool experience includes providing pool administration and assistance with the responsibilities of licensing and administrative audit reporting connected to these joint venture agreements.

Audit, Tax and Business Consulting for Technology Companies

Our partners’ tech-tailored, high-impact approaches ease the burdens of tax reporting and compliance for technology clients seeking next-stage audit, tax and business consulting services.  In our business consulting capacity, Miller Kaplan partners help technology companies institute best-practices financial strategies for competitive growth in the national and global marketplaces.

Miller Kaplan’s technology-focused services include experience with federal and multi-state tax compliance for new product roll-outs and services, revenue recognition, and research and development tax credits to incentivize and support the commercial viability of pioneering clients.

Technology Sector Experience

Miller Kaplan’s engagements, for both high and low technology companies and entrepreneurs, include working with inventors, manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers of:

  • Hardware
  • Software, SaaS
  • Applications
  • Security
  • Semiconductors
  • Data and Memory Storage
  • Audio and Video
  • Electronics
  • Media and Advertising
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