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Guides & Manuals

Media Market X-Ray Quick Reference Guide
Media Market X-Ray 4.0 Manual
Video Tutorial (YouTube)

Software Installation

X-Ray v 4.0 (08/08/08)
Media Market X-Ray 4.0 Installation Guide

Sales Management

You have the ability to block a user from all of X-Ray’s Sales Management and AE functions. To block a users access to viewing the Sales Management button on the main menu as well as the AE performance tab in the Database Inquiries Section, download this .zip file, extract the .ini file, and place a copy of the .ini file into the user’s C:\MKA\MKAXRAY4\ folder, replacing the exisiting file.

If the need should ever arise to “un-block” someone, allowing them to access the Sales Management features, please contact us, as this will require another file.

Update Instructions

FTP – .zip Update Instructions
eMail – .zip Update Instructions
eMail – .tar Update Instructions

Service Pack

X-Ray v 4.0 Service Pack 1 (08/08/08) ( Download and run this file only if you have been instructed to do so by X-Ray Support. The Service Pack is not necessary if you install X-Ray 4.0 using the above link in the Software Installation section.)

For more information about Media Market X-Ray please Contact Us