It may only be matter of time before your firm is faced with an unanticipated business event, such as a remediation, or regulatory settlement, requiring a distribution.

Remediation events may seem straightforward. The reality, however, is they’re complex and disruptive, diverting resources and focus from your firm’s core activities. They can also expose your firm to risk if not executed properly.

Before you’re faced with a distribution, empower your firm to spot issues requiring decisions, actions, and the advice of experts.


Join us on Thursday, March 25 at 2:00 PM ET for our 45-minute webinar, “Road to Remediation.”


Attendees will learn:

  • Critical milestones, timeframes and the key data you’ll need
  • The economic and tax compliance impacts for the advisers, funds, and investors
  • The best ways to get payments to impacted investors

The speakers, representing the economic, tax advisory, and distribution worlds, include:

  • Bill Gladden – Vice President, TM Financial Forensics, LLC
  • Julia Damasco – Tax Attorney, Partner, Executive Committee, Miller Kaplan
  • Carol McGrath-Pestilli – Director, Event Center Services, SS&C Technologies


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