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Organize Your 401k Plan With Miller Kaplan

Miller Kaplan specializes in cost-effective accounting and business solutions for companies, including management and financial statement audits of employee benefit plans, including 401k plans.

Our dedicated team of certified public accountants (CPAs) assist over 500 business clients to help them comply with their 401k plan reporting and filing requirements for them and their employees. We ensure compliance with all tax laws, and offer detailed reporting to keep you up-to-date on.

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What is a 401k?

A 401k plan is a retirement savings plan created by businesses for their employees. Employees can save and invest a percentage of their paycheck, before taxes are applied. This employee benefit plan is more flexible than pensions, giving employees control of where their money is invested.

Miller Kaplan's tax and accounting services help companies with 401k plan reporting, filing requirements, and 401k audit statements.

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Why Work With Miller Kaplan?

Miller Kaplan is a member of AICPA. AICPA is the national professional organization of chartered public accountants, and abides by all the ethical standards and the U.S. auditing standards for audits, ensuring your 401k and employee benefit plans are all 100% in compliance with AICPA regulations.

75 Years Experience! Working on a 401k plan with us grants you access to the knowledge base of our experienced team of certified public accountants, who know the ins and outs of executing a successful employee benefit plan!

A Dedicated Department. Our CPA firm maintains a specialized team of 50 professionals who are highly knowledgeable in managing and auditing employee benefit plans. They understand all the government regulations and accounting principles unique to employee benefit plans like a 401k.

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Does your business need assistance in 401k plan reporting, filing requirements, and 401k audit statements? Our AICPA-approved tax and accounting services support over 500 clients with employee benefit plans across the U.S., ranging from multinational companies to start-up operations.

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