Asset & Licensing Services

The licensing of assets, such as trademarks, proprietary processes, copyrights and other intellectual property, have become a dominant source of revenue for many businesses. While licensing agreements forge powerful revenue-generating relationships, they do require consistent and periodic review to verify that licensees adhere to contractual terms and licensors receive accurate payments.

Licensing and Royalty Audits

We conduct licensing audits or royalty audits for both individuals and companies. Our clients include market leaders in industries such as automotive, software, and consumer products, as well as individuals such entertainers and artists. Learn more>>

Consulting Services

When we are called upon to review contractual provisions prior to the execution of a licensing agreement, Miller Kaplan’s guidance has proven invaluable to clients. We offer consulting on a variety of types of licenses, trademarks, copyrights, patents and royalties. Learn more>>

Patent Pool Administration

Increasingly, our technology clients participate in patent pools to mitigate the expense and risks of research, development and commercialization of new and innovative products. Miller Kaplan can help you or your business navigate patent law. Learn more>>

Customs Enforcement Administration

Our well-established and highly effective customs enforcement administration services help clients protect their trademarks, and other IP assets covered by licensing agreements. This helps prevent abuse by counterfeiters and fraudulent use worldwide. Learn more>>

China Desk

Businesses both large and small are researching the idea of expanding or opening businesses in the People’s Republic of China (China) due to the tremendous potential to reach a market of more than 1 billion people. Miller Kaplan helps your business determine the value of such a move. Learn more>>

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