As print newspapers face the challenge of reinvention in the digital age, Miller Kaplan Arase LLP continues its role as a trusted advisor and full-service accounting firm to publishers seeking a competitive advantage.

To serve our newspaper clients, Miller Kaplan developed EXACT, a proprietary advertising revenue reporting system customized for newspapers.  Miller Kaplan prepares monthly and quarterly revenue reports for newspapers with a combined Sunday circulation of more than 10 million.

EXACT Newspaper Revenue Reports

Convenient, comprehensive, custom prepared and delivered in an easy-to-use PDF format, EXACT reports cover several areas of revenue including:

  • Major Category Reports identify all advertising revenue received by the newspaper, including Inserts, TMC and Online, and are organized by newspaper classification.
  • Classified Detail Reports further break out all of the components of classified print and online revenue, such as Automotive, Real Estate, Recruitment and All Other.
  • Key Account Reports isolate spending by the largest national and major account advertisers in the country.  These major advertisers typically represent more than 50 percent of all national and retail advertising, lending immediate impact to the reports.  EXACT account reports compare a newspaper’s Revenue and Revenue per Unit of Circulation to a composite of other papers in the market, region, or to a custom selection of peer newspapers.

EXACT reports are valued as accurate and confidential strategic planning and sales development tools.  Newspapers provide source revenue data directly to Miller Kaplan, and that information remains confidential as part of the privileged client/CPA relationship.

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