Litigation Support -Expert Witness

As a well-established and respected accounting and consulting firm, Miller Kaplan Arase LLP is called upon to provide expert testimony in commercial litigation with underlying valuation and accounting issues.

Expert Witnesses in Profit Participation and Additional Litigation

We frequently testify, in deposition and in court, in profit participation lawsuits alleging underpayments by entertainment studios to actors, writers, producers and others involved in successful entertainment properties.  Miller Kaplan has extensive experience conducting hundreds of licensing and royalties audits involving films, television and music.

Our partners are fully conversant with the unique accounting practices used by studios and major music labels.  We regularly work with issues of profit allocation, audits of studio books, and incidents of licensing below market rates.  Our experience is gained through long-term service to nearly every area of the entertainment industry.  In addition, Miller Kaplan professionals provide testimony that is credible and comprehensible in an area known for its complexity.  Miller Kaplan is available to provide litigation support in a range of financial and commercial disputes.

Service Contacts

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