With exceptional tax attorneys and accountants on staff, Miller Kaplan Arase LLP can leverage many years of experience relevant to the “business of law.” Our tax attorneys include a partner who also has years of civil and criminal litigation experience. Partners of the firm have also served as expert witnesses in a variety of financial and legal disciplines. Miller Kaplan has long-standing expertise in benefit plan audits and currently performs the audit of an ERISA plan for one of the largest law firms on the West Coast.

We have experience providing entity-level compliance and planning services to law firms throughout the country. We understand the needs of firms with multiple offices in different states and foreign tax jurisdictions. We have experience serving attorneys practicing on different “sides” of legal matters. With our national expertise in the taxation of settlements, judgments and the funds of money established to resolve claims, we bring an in-depth understanding of the issues faced by firms engaged in complex litigation. One of our partners has served as a board member of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights in San Francisco, CA. We have spoken at the ABA and other bar association CLE events and conferences.

Our services have included partnership- or corporation-level income and other tax returns, assisting the CFO or Controller in calculating partner distributions, providing consulting and compliance work for retirement and other benefit plans, and providing partners with seamless tax compliance and consulting services. We have sought rulings from the National Office of the Internal Revenue Service on tax issues related to legal fees and costs. We have also written articles and taught CLE’s to lawyers and law firms on subjects ranging from structuring attorney’s fees to the ethics of billing and supervising the work of others.

In short, we provide all of the tax, accounting, and consulting services required by a law firm and its partners. Law firm clients may choose to retain us for select services or for the provision of an integrated package of services, including:

  • Entity choice consulting and collaboration with firm counsel in vetting partnership and other documents
  • Pension plan audits, compliance, consulting and document review
  • Partner compensation planning and calculations
  • Support to the CFO or Controller
  • Information return reporting and withholding compliance
  • Partner and other senior employee income tax compliance and planning
  • Consulting on firm acquisition, severance, and related packages
  • Consulting on transactions and litigation for the benefit of the law firm’s clients

We have longstanding and positive relationships with lawyers and the legal community throughout the nation and know what it takes to successfully serve our legal industry clients. With our expertise in the business of law, pension plans, tax compliance, and other consulting, we can offer law firms and integrated services package to address all of the tax and accounting needs of the firm and its partners.

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