The Los Angeles Business Journal named Andrew Rosen as one of the accounting and financial services industries’ 40 in their 40s.

Andrew Rosen is part of our Industry Metrics group, which specializes in the operational and financial structures of broadcast and media clients. From the early days, Rosen’s focus has been on advancing his clients’ goals through technology and data analysis. He played an integral role in developing a web-based reporting portal and extending data collection and aggregation services to salary surveys, financial surveys, as well as licensee reporting – enabling the firm to facilitate invoicing and subsequent royalty collection on behalf of licensors.

Rosen also offers audit services within the media and broadcast industries. His knowledge and impact in the media and accounting fields have led to his committee membership in the Media Financial Management Association, in addition to other industry roles. Rosen helps strategically guide the firm’s in-house development team and plays a prominent role in the firm’s leadership, marketing, and IT committees.

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