Lifestyle Planning

The business managers of Miller Kaplan Arase LLP assist entertainers, performers and high net worth individuals.  They engage us to help them lead the lives they desire through sound financial practices and strategies that support a sustainable and productive career. Our financial management services include covering lifestyle areas such as:

  • Overseeing lease and purchase agreements
  • Primary and Multiple Residence Construction, Purchases and Sales, Maintenance
  • Automotive
  • Yachts and Boats
  • Aircraft, Fractional Ownerships
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance Coverage

As our clients’ careers evolve, we support their changing lifestyles with a flexible and prudent approach.  Recognized as “Hollywood Power Business Managers” by The Hollywood Reporter and included in Variety’s “Business Managers Elite,” Miller Kaplan has earned a reputation for being straight shooters with integrity, and collaborative and committed team players.

Pursuing a Quality Lifestyle and Reducing Risks

When we advise clients on lifestyle decisions, we are not just “yes” men and women.  Nor do we set arbitrary financial controls.  We maintain trusted and confidential relationships with clients, and listen closely to their goals and wishes.

Working together, clients and business managers balance risks within the ever-changing and creative environments in which our clients operate.  To manage risk, we might suggest various insurance options.  We provide a full range of services, including managing third-party broker relationships, to advise and guide clients on insurance coverage for homes, health, disability, life, earthquakes, collectibles, automotive and equipment holdings, productions and professional liability.

Miller Kaplan business managers offer strategic and sound approaches to support our clients in achieving opportunities reflective of their success, dedication and creativity.

Service Contacts

Michael Kaplan

Los Angeles