Internal Audits

When conducting internal audits, Miller Kaplan Arase LLP offers recommendations and assessments backed by a strategic big-picture view of industry standards and best practices.  Our services are comprehensive and efficient, and include audits of:

  • Internal Controls
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Processes
  • Systems
  • Technology

Miller Kaplan works in conjunction with clients and their staff to minimize disruptions to business operations.  We review and assess record keeping, asset protection, organizational structure, and other internal controls and processes.  Our partners draw upon an experience archive, and tried-and-tested audit techniques, which allow us to uncover inefficient approaches and risk exposure.

Our auditors offer practical suggestions and recommendations for risk management and upgrades that are regulatory compliant, enhance organizational credibility, and add value to business enterprises.  By viewing internal audit engagements with an industry perspective, and not as one-dimensional auditors, Miller Kaplan assists clients in implementing internal improvements that increase their competitiveness and efficiency.

Service Contacts

Crane Curran

San Francisco


Douglas Waite

Los Angeles