Media Revenue Measurement

Media_iStock_000008334928_IndustriesMiller Kaplan Arase LLP serves an extensive range of media clients, including radio and television stations and groups, newspapers and out-of-home advertising companies.  Our full-service offerings include:

  • Media Revenue Reporting
  • Tax
  • Audits of Financial Statements
  • Agreed-Upon Procedures
  • Consulting and Advisory Services
  • Salary Surveys
  • Transaction Due Diligence

We regularly address the industry-specific issues media clients face, such as true broadcast cash flow and accounting for digital revenue streams.  Our audit and consulting services frequently add value during due diligence on mergers and acquisitions and financial reporting requirements.  Media clients receive partner-level service on every engagement, and gain the convenience and insights of Miller Kaplan’s proprietary technology and industry intelligence.

Media Revenue Reporting for Radio, Television, Newspapers and Out-of-Home

Broadcast and print advertising have undergone major transformations over the past 30 years, and Miller Kaplan has helped position clients ahead of industry shifts.  Market revenue reporting is a major specialty area.  We provide in-depth monitoring and research on advertising expenditures, including increases and declines in ad spends for radio and television stations and groups, newspapers, and out-of-home advertising companies.  Our proprietary, market-leading media revenue reports include:

Market Revenue Analysis

More than 2,500 media outlets, from New England to Southern California, rely on Miller Kaplan’s analysis of market share, company revenue growth and market revenue growth. Read more about how media clients use Miller Kaplan reports for strategic business growth.

Media Market X-Ray

For clients seeking more robust market intelligence and an in-depth and customized picture of their market standing, we offer Media Market X-Ray services. Read more about our confidential X-Ray Analysis and X-Ray ADvantage for radio and television. X-Ray Analysis Support

EXACT Revenue Reporting for Newspapers

Miller Kaplan provides monthly and quarterly reports to more than 30 newspapers. We report confidentially and securely on precise market share and advertiser spending information. Learn more about EXACT revenue reporting.

Media Industry Involvement

At Miller Kaplan we view ourselves as going beyond just responding to the needs of media clients. We also serve as trusted confidants and advocates for best practices in the industry, and host workshops and seminars to build skills and share information. Miller Kaplan partners are active in the Media Financial Management Association, the California Broadcasters Association and the National Association of Broadcasters, and regularly participate in professional committees to improve the productivity, professionalism and profitability of our many media clients.

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