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Miller Kaplan Arase LLP collaborates closely with clients in our consulting and advisory engagements. Our depth of industry experience offers numerous advantages to businesses and individuals at every stage of development and growth. Some of our financial consulting services include:

Employer Compliance Reporting

Miller Kaplan offers benefit plan audit services that help plan administrators uphold their fiduciary responsibilities, while providing employees with a quality group benefit plan for their health, dental and other medical needs. Learn More>>

Media Revenue Measurement

Miller Kaplan serves a wide range of radio and TV stations, newspapers and out-of-home advertising companies. Our financial services add value during due diligence on mergers, acquisitions and financial reporting requirements. Learn More>>

Strategic Business Planning

Establishing and maintaining a successful enterprise requires preparation, planning and hard work. Miller Kaplan excels at providing financial consulting to privately held companies. We help businesses plan strategically at every growth stage, and ensure our clients have future-focused success strategies built into their financial planning. Learn More>>

Succession Planning

Miller Kaplan provides businesses with a range of options and planning instruments to minimize risk and address company exits, intergenerational transfers and changes in ownership. Learn More>>

Mergers and Acquisitions

Our mergers and acquisitions team is highly experienced at consulting on all aspects of mergers. Our years of experience allow us to expertly pinpoint red flags and suggest workarounds to potential deal breakers for both buyers and sellers during business transactions. Learn More>>

Customs Enforcement Administration

Our productive relationships with U.S. Customs and Border Protection and customs agencies worldwide have led to the worldwide seizure of millions of dollars worth of counterfeited goods. Learn More>>

Healthcare Claims Compliance

Healthcare spending is part of the national conversation and we help clients manage compliance with medical plan provisions and identify payment irregularities. Learn More>>

Litigation Support, Expert Witness

We provide expert testimony in commercial litigation with underlying valuation and accounting issues including profit participation litigation. Learn More>>

Benchmarking Analysis, Salary Surveys, Fringe Benefits

Benchmarking engagements provide clients with valuable insights into internal operations, market competition and practices influencing profitability. Learn More>>

Are you seeking an expert opinion on your company finances or business practices? Miller Kaplan provides financial consulting and auditing for many aspects of your business that require insight from a team of professionals. Contact us below with your specific concerns, and we’ll determine how we can best help.

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