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Maximize Your Benefits In The Entertainment Industry With Miller Kaplan

Miller Kaplan Arase LLP is a respected name in the entertainment industry. Among our many clients are high profile performers, athletes, musicians, producers, and directors who have businesses and performing interests around the world.

We address a variety of their financial concerns including royalty accounting, common tax deductions, audit procedures, and strategic business advice for new revenue streams. We maximize their financial benefits through our expertise in accounting, tax, audit, and business management services. As a member of the Baker Tilly International network, we monitor and support our clients’ endeavours both locally and internationally.

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Miller Kaplan provides services to the following entertainment clients:

  • • Actors
  • • Interactive / Digital Companies
  • • Musicians
  • • Production Companies
  • • Athletes
  • • Live Theatre
  • • Producers
  • • Showrunners
  • • Film Studios
  • • Media
  • • Directors
  • • Writers

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Contact Miller Kaplan for more information on how to maximize benefits in the entertainment industry. Our expert CPAs are the best entertainment accountants and business management consultants in the market.

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