Religious Organizations and Foundations

tax preparation for synagogues churches cemetaries and religious foundations accountantsMiller Kaplan Arase LLP is a longtime provider of services to religious organizations and affiliated companies.  We regularly manage financial statement reporting and the unique tax issues that arise for many tax-exempt, faith-based organizations.  Our experience includes work with a range of denominations, institutions, charitable foundations and groups such as:

  • Synagogues
  • Churches
  • Cemeteries
  • Foundations

Community involvement is a firm principle and many of our partners are active volunteers in leading religious institutions, serving as presidents and as members of boards of directors.

A Resource for Financial Accountability and Planning

Miller Kaplan offers long-held and firsthand experience in the operational, financial and planning challenges facing religious groups as they strive to meet their missions.  We also understand the political and emotional sensitivities and need for transparency that make for a unique business climate.

As part of our extensive background in serving nonprofit organizations, Miller Kaplan has advised numerous foundations in selecting the appropriate structure and formation, and has established key benchmarks and methodologies for measuring success.  We also support the administration and tax compliance obligations of numerous foundations with ties to religious groups.

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